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On the cover:Gary Campbell, At the clone party (2006) Digital composite Issue 01: November 2010 The Internet Exists Forever We’ve invented a new universe. We meander through an infinitely vast landscape. We fall down deep link holes. We live parallel … Continue reading

Siofan Davies on Female Comedy Writers

One thing I’ve always loved is laughing. As a child, I would pretend to be sick so I could stay home and watch The Love Boat. In high school I would reenact sketches from The Carol Burnett Show and Saturday … Continue reading

Fraser Abe on Absurd Trend-Reporting

Jumping straight to the style section when I pick up a newspaper or magazine or click my way through the interwebs may make me sound like a philistine but, hey, the school system failed me. I always find it interesting … Continue reading

Brad Marcoux on City and Community

In 2008, likely in India, someone made the decision to pack up their life and move. Or somewhere in Kabul, Ghaziabad or Beihai, a baby was born. That one person tipped the balance from rural to urban, and for the … Continue reading

Andrea Mills on Beauty and Pornography

A number of women’s magazines have recently been covering beauty treatments for women’s private parts. As if we didn’t have enough to be self-conscious about, we’re now supposed to worry about being perfect down there. It’s like trying to change … Continue reading

Stephanie Graham on Tight Harmonies

The human voice is an incredible instrument. Sound is created by two small vocal chords located in the larynx coming together while air passes through them. We use our voices to communicate many emotions every day, but singers use their … Continue reading