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On the cover:Gary Campbell, How We Connect (2011) Animated mosaic Issue 03: January 2011 How We Connect American indie band Beirut are a massive sensation in Brazil. After one of their songs appeared on a TV show, their fame spread … Continue reading

Carley Fortune on The Appeal of Bad Men

What’s with all the bad men on TV? Take AMC’s Breaking Bad. The abhorrent protagonist, a teacher/meth chef named Walter, is the latest in a line of near-sociopathic characters who have infiltrated serial television. My favourites: the prototype, Tony Soprano … Continue reading

Alison Lawler-Dean on Online Social Lives

I met someone the other night, we shook hands, and said hello, and then I realized we were already Facebook friends. We had never met face-to-face before, or even spoken, yet she gets to see my vacation photos or hear … Continue reading

Frank Yang on The Persistence of Film

The binary 0s and 1s of MP3s and JPGs are my currency as a music blogger and photographer. Despite that, recent years have found me discovering the joys of analog technologies, which seem to defy the insistence on faster, smaller, … Continue reading

Emma Woolley on Mental Health Stigmas

I often think about suicide. Not about killing myself–not anymore–but about what we say and don’t say about it. I was 15 when people I loved started taking their own lives. In two years, I lost a childhood friend, a … Continue reading

Corinna vanGerwen on Why Details Matter

When asked for birthday gift suggestions for me, my husband proposed “something pretty.” If one word sums up the things that I like, the things that make me happy, it’s “pretty”. I may be oversimplifying things, but my point is … Continue reading