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On the cover:Gary Campbell,The Wait is Over(If You Want It)(2011) Short film Issue 04: February 2011 The Wait is Over During a 1970 press event, when asked about his troubles with the establishment, John Lennon replied, “We are the government. … Continue reading

Rani Sheen on New Home Ownership

If you live in a big city and you aren’t a lawyer or a dentist and you don’t have a trust fund, the prospect of buying your first home can be daunting. You could probably buy a place in the … Continue reading

Moiz Haq on Common Sense

The industrial age is filled things that contradict the common sense principle: A McDonald’s meal seems to cost less than the ingredients it contains. Bylaws prevent backyard beehives and urban chickens. Eggs are graded by color and size, and not … Continue reading

Paul Aguirre-Livingston on Happiness

The only thing more elusive than the search for love is the search for happiness. Historically, love and happiness are presented as synonymous: The guy gets the girl, or the girl gets the guy; they live happily ever after. This … Continue reading

Ceri Marsh on The Family Dinner

Less than a year ago, I made a change my younger self would have found clichéd in the extreme: I left my position as editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, and with my online partner, Laura Keogh, I started Sweet Potato … Continue reading

Megan McChesney on Modern Ruins

Any talk of “exploring ruins” usually leaves us thinking about ancient cultures. But today’s society has ruins, too: places bricked over, abandoned and unused, some built as recently as the last decade. This kind of decay—relics of past commerce, war … Continue reading