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Issue 07 Things we read on the web How Soon Is Now?

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On the cover:Gary Campbell,Grasping At…. (2012) Photo animation Issue 07: August 2012 How Soon Is Now? In describing the ‎A.M. (Art Mouvement) collective, David Victor Rose suggests we must act quickly and spontaneously to address big issues. No problem is … Continue reading

Graham F. Scott on Toxic Nostalgia

Don Draper sold nostalgia better than anyone. In a masterful scene at the end of season one of Mad Men, he uses photos of his own family to illustrate the emotional power of a Kodak slide projector: it’s a “time … Continue reading

Laura Kathleen Maize on Noise Pollution

In the past few months, my boyfriend and I have been dealing with some serious noise problems in our apartment, mostly due to some noisy neighbours and their affinity for speed metal. I’ve done a lot of research on how … Continue reading

Matthew Fox on Sex and Overpopulation

There are too many people. With the total number of us recently surpassing 7 billion, there are few who dispute that the Earth is overpopulated. The dire effects are everywhere—species extinction, climate change, resource depletion, violence—yet homo sapiens’ drive to … Continue reading

Emily Burke on The Education System

I was a double cohort kid–a guinea pig–sent through the Ontario education system on untested curriculum and shipped off to university a year younger than those who came before me. Growing up in the ’90s, I also enjoyed the occasional … Continue reading

Eli Yarhi on Keeping an Open Mind

Recently at a party I was caught up in a conversation about politics and economics. Someone disparagingly commented about a colleague: “AND he reads the National Post!” An assenting chorus of agreement spilled through the room, as though even periodically … Continue reading