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gc on Issue 05: Cover

Issue 05 Things we read on the web

gc on Issue 05: Table of Contents

On the cover:Gary Campbell,Hello Narcissus (2011)Digital composite Issue 05: March 2011 Hello Narcissus He fell in love with a fantastick shade, for in that reflection ’twas his own bright image he surveyed. What was found in that watery glass, to … Continue reading

Deanna McFadden on The Perfect Cuppa

Growing up, I lived in a house where a cup of tea was served as a solution to just about any problem. My British grandmother made the most perfect cup of tea. She used just enough milk, no sugar, and … Continue reading

Kevin Gonsalves on Light Painting

I’m a big fan of photography, and if pressed, I would say that my favourite type is light painting. I think it’s incomparable, both because it seems so magical–the artist doesn’t see the art created until after it’s finished–and because … Continue reading

Jennifer Goldberg on Staying Up Late

I consider myself a champion insomniac; at times I go days without catching a single wink. I’ve been this way since childhood and can still remember every late-night creak and groan in my parents’ house, which I’d hear as I … Continue reading

Ryan Oakley on The Bespoke Renaissance

Being incorrigibly vain and disillusioned with mass production, I’m pleased to see that bespoke tailoring is winning its battle with extinction. Unlike made-to-measure, which alters the fit of a preexisting suit, the bespoke buyer chooses the cloth and the cut. … Continue reading

Tara Aghdashloo on Power and Hair Dye

Power is a human obsession, whether we want to have it, destroy it, or divide it amongst us. I learned about my country’s last king (the Shah of Iran) and his overthrow well before I learned how to write. By … Continue reading