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On the cover:Gary Campbell,Expression Made Easy (2011) Photo animation Issue 06: April 2011 Expression Made Easy Cellist Yo-Yo Ma recently collaborated with hip-hop “jookin” dancer Lil Buck, whose work he’d discovered online. Director Spike Jonze, who happened to be in … Continue reading

Rebecca Rosenblum on Advice Columns

As a kid, I read Ann Landers daily. Meddling inlaws and unfaithful spouses weren’t my concerns; I was researching ways of coping with adulthood. I’m still addicted to advice columns. The world is an advice-y place right now. Television teaches … Continue reading

Kyle Golemba on Migrant Workers

Doing research for The Grapes of Wrath at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, we were directed by members of the United Food & Commercial Workers to the plight of today’s migrant workers. I knew nothing about Canada’s employment of people from … Continue reading

David Silverberg on Performance Poetry

It’s the poetry you hear leaking from coffeehouses, pubs, gritty clubs, maybe a music festival stage. I’ve been to both the U.S. National Poetry Slam and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word; each time I marvel at how powerful words … Continue reading

Jill Carter on Inspiration and Moviemaking

As a filmmaker you are always looking for inspiration, and it can be found in the most obvious or the strangest of places. I am constantly motivated and inspired by what I see, read and hear. In short, I am … Continue reading

Chantel Guertin on Author Diversions

In my early twenties, I decided to become an au pair in a tiny town in France. I could barely speak the language (or was too self-conscious to try) and was incredibly lonely. One day in the attic of a … Continue reading